About Us

Project Based Learning, where students will build, create, and use hands on projects to learn and immerse themselves in new concepts.

Community Classes that support local businesses and efforts to engage youth in an array of opportunities and experiences. Everything from the arts, physical activities, sports, dance, swimming, cooking, and more.

 Monthly Field Trips, where students will be able to engage in more hands on learning. We will branch out into our communities and local cities to explore museums, parks, nature, and so much more. There will be no limit to our discoveries.

Our Story 

Our Founder

Hello families! I am a former educator and Bay Area native with over a decade of experience as a teacher, school site, and district level administrator. My experience spans across early child development thru to adult education and everything in between. My current educational accomplishments are as listed:

 Clear Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential

Clear Administrative Services Credential 

Masters in Educational Leadership

B.A. Liberal Arts, Minor in Statistics

I do, however, consider myself a lifelong learner that will continue to expand my educational horizon in the future. My philosophy of education is that all students are capable and given the right opportunities and a multitude of access, all of our children can excel under their own definitions of success. It all starts from within the womb. 80% of a child's mind is developed by 3 years old! This is the importance of early childhood education. A child's first few years set the foundation. Studies have shown that children exposed to more experiences, a variety of play and discovery, and consistent language practice through all literary modalities (hearing, speaking, listening, and reading) from the very beginning, have a better success rate in learning to read, being able to express themselves, and overall developmental growth. 

My Why

We all have a purpose for choosing our fields of expertise. My why began with my own family and kids. Teaching someone else to learn, watching and contributing to their development, and helping them discover what makes themselves feel successful, is what gives me purpose and brings me great joy. On my journey as an educator, there was a time in my life where I was able to homeschool my son. In this new endeavor I found a world I never knew existed. I was able to tailor his education to the things he liked and the things I thought were important for my son to learn, all while aligning his education to the CA state standards. Through this experience, I was able to create a curriculum that allowed for our own tailored discovery. This knowledge led me here, to shift into my own practice to serve families in my community and offer these same educational freedoms! My expertise is in building relationships with students in an effort to provide an educational experience that is focused on their interests and abilities while utilizing community partnerships to enhance these experiences. I love working with students and families to provide opportunities and access tailored to their desired needs and interests. I look forward to this new journey that will allow me to focus on what matters most, the kids! Come discover, learn, and grow with me!

Our Promise to Discovery

The Tailored Discoveries Preschool and Childcare utilizes project based learning, community classes, and monthly field trips to provide an enhanced and balanced educational experience for your little ones. Families that are interested in home schooling their children and/or looking for alternatives to the traditional district lead education experience are the perfect candidates for this program. In the future, our goal is to provide a comprehensive preschool-2nd grade program that will follow this same structure.